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About Danielle Green

Learn about my story of becoming a friendly tax preparer.

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I never really wanted to prepare taxes but then my day job lead me to it.

I am a financial advisor and investment manager by day. What I saw was a lot of little old ladies being taken advantage of by their deceased husband's tax preparers, and a lot of confusion for widows and kids.

One lady once explained to me that it was hard because her 'husband always took care of all this'.

I said, I was sorry and asked when she had lost him? She replied 9 years ago.

She had been struggling with her taxes for 9 years with the previous guy. He never explained anything to her, he was terse with her lack of understanding and she really had a very simple return.

She was such a sweet lady, I couldn't let her suffer. And so it was the beginning of an unexpected practice.

I then helped her daughter when she took over. Then helped the conservator when she took over. Now year's have gone by and I help about 100 families with their taxes each year.

I run a very simple practice of personal (1040) returns. I help those who come my way, at a fair price. But as it's my side hustle, I don't prepare corporate, trust or estate returns, nor payroll or accounting/bookkeeping. I have a CPA next door who will happily help you if you need some higher-level services.